The kings Jester



It is not fun living in a dungeon

The jester has been giving the job of tickling the hairy pussy of a lovely lady. She is strapped down nude legs spread wide. The jester is taking great pleasure in brushing the big fluffy feather the length of her labia. Enjoying watching her shutter as shock wave after shock wave of ticklish agongy ripped through her entire body.

Through her hysterical laughing she begs for the jester to stop. But he won't as he is enjoying watching her pussy become nice and wet.

Almost ready for itching powder to be sprinkled through her hairs and lushes lips, Maybe a little inside to he thinks to himself. Relishing in her ticklish agony. Soon to be and itchful one to. her pussy will want her to give it a good scratch. To bad she is all tied up for the time been.

The jester wonders what her husband thinks of all this as he looks over at him sitting tied up all snug in his chair he he he.

He puts down his feather , time to sprinkle the powder through her hairs!!!!!!!

He wonders if he should ask her husband if he would like to help. No he looks all tied up. He offers instead to sprinkle extra powder on her hairs so he does not feel left out and sad.

ohweeeeee oh NO STOP it ITCHES like crazy she pleads with him. It is like a thousand camel fleas all bitting at once. Her eyes shut tight as she tries to foucus on something else othe rthan the mind numbing ITCH that has taken over in her pubic region. What is worse is the powder dried up her wettness making the ITCH 100 times worse.